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Local initiatives, especially those operating with some external funding and volunteer work, are typically organised in the format of incorporated associations, aboriginal corporations, trusts or other more or less prescribed legal entities.  Besides formal “general” entities under Queensland legislation, there are specific legislated bodies that can be used for indigenous initiatives, both under Queensland and Commonwealth acts.

All of these entities have one thing in common, besides operating as a vehicle to receive funding and organize whatever activity may be pursued; they require an amount of governance and administration.  Many initiatives come stuck at the point where initially simple to arrange volunteer work must start to comply with reporting and auditing requirements, often following the successful application for grants or subsidies.  Informal meetings must suddenly be replaced with annual and special meetings, minutes must be kept, rules updated, membership records maintained, accounting and payroll systems introduced and maintained etc.

Because this type of problem is typically in the legal domain, or its consequences are within that domain, Junkuri Laka is of the opinion that providing assistance with this kind of work fits well within its objectives.  Such a service will strengthen the scope and activities of local entities that engage with the community.  Whether these are involved with women’s shelters, playgroups for kids, sewing classes or native title entities and trusts, such organisations can use help with regulatory compliance, funding and finance, management and organisation.

We provide the following services:

Incorporated body compliance assistance

All incorporated bodies, regardless of their constituting legislation, require an amount of regulatory compliance.  This typically involves some registration work when the entity is first created and continuing obligations in respect of the maintenance of official registers.  There are also annual reporting obligations that may cover information ranging from operational activities to specific financial data, sometimes with specific auditing requirements.  All these reporting obligations have to tie in with internal procedures that must be adhered to, such as regular meetings, election of governing bodies, manners of record keeping etc.  The range of tasks and requirements can be daunting, often involving dealing with information and concepts that are not part of ordinary daily life, particularly for indigenous people.  Few individuals maintain records in the way required for even the simplest entity and even less are used to reporting their activities to official registrars.  Junkuri Laka has the expertise and capacity to assist local initiatives with these compliance matters.

Finance and funding assistance

Promising and worthwhile initiatives may never see the light of day, or may struggle in subsistence, because they are not able to put together comprehensive funding proposals or financial plans.  Junkuri Laka assists with this, and is able to connect those seeking funding with agencies that have budgets for certain developments.

In some instances Junkuri Laka can act as an auspicing body for other local initiatives.

Management and organisation assistance

Small entities typically struggle once they reach a size that requires a distribution of tasks and the introduction of an administrative or governance structure, and therefore, a management function.  The result tends to be over-organisation, which turns a once flexible volunteer organisation into a small bureaucratic bastion.  Especially when external funding is obtained with its reporting and administrative requirements there tends to be a development of secondary processes first, often to the detriment of the activities that so promisingly obtained the long sought after grant funding.  This detrimental shift in priorities can be avoided if the organisation can obtain assistance with structuring its activities and creating and executing the managerial tasks required to grow and comply with increasing reporting and administrative obligations.

Junkuri Laka can play a role in that respect, which will help local initiatives to focus on their core activities, which in turn will result in better value for the community than the development of a multitude of small “offices” that each have either overcapacity and therefore too much bureaucracy or that have under capacity and therefore a lack of quality and governance.