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In the traditional cultures of the Wellesley Islands people dealt with conflict in ways that are quite different from those in the Western world.  In the West there was a development where though the power of Monarchs and Kings there gradually developed a courts system.  That system ended up dealing with dispute between individuals and between individuals and the government.  In the criminal justice system, the government even takes over the claims of the victim and it pursues the offender as if the criminal behaviour was directed at society as a whole.  That this system is not always working perfectly is well demonstrated by the "modern" development of all sort of "alternative" ways of sorting things out, such as mediation.  This is then presented as a whole new and modern way of doing things.

The people of the Wellesley Islands never lived in groups large enough or in a government structure that ever required the complicated ways of a court system.  When people couldn't get things sorted out between them, or when things got out of hand, they sought the help of their elders, and most likely they will be able to resolve their issues.