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Because Junkuri Laka assists people in their dealing with the justice system, it is also involved with the outcome of the court process. Except for small matters that result in a fine, almost all sentences will include on or more programs or workshops.  These may be aimed at dealing with alcohol issues, drugs, domestic violence, anger management etc.  The programs available on Mornington were always delivered by organisation using fly-in fly-out people.  This makes it difficult and expensive to organise these programs.  In the opinion of Junkuri Laka there is also another problem with programs designed elsewhere: they do not take the culture and circumstances on Mornington into account.

That is why Junkuri Laka is developing its own courses and is delivering them as well.  We are working together with specialists were we need them and use experienced trainers from outside, but the content of our programs and the way they are delivered are ours.

We started with a program called "Handling Difficult Situations".  It is given in small groups of 5-6 people and takes about two hours. The trainer is an experienced psychologist and the program is delivered in cooperation with Probation Services.  In the first hour a Junkuri Laka Elder joins the group and the topic is culture and strengths from our culture.  The second part is about dealing with pressure from family and friends to engage in offending behaviour.  The course is packed with practical tips and everybody is involved in finding solutions and ideas.  A lot of people have done this training and the groups normally carry on for some time after the program finishes, because it is good fun to talk about these issues in this way.  The program is for men and women alike, but the groups are never mixed.

There now also is a second part to this program and that is called "Handling Relationships".  As the title suggests, this is about dealing with relationship issues, good and bad and including the hard stuff such as violence and conflict.  The approach is the same as in part One.  The course is given by an experienced psychologist, the groups are small, and community Elders are involved in the first part of the program to talk about relationships in the Lardil, Yankaal and Kaiadilt cultures.

The next course we are developing will be about alcohol and especially about how that works on Mornington, where alcohol is strictly forbidden, but were it is abundant.  Then there will be a program about positive lifestyles and there is a bunch of courses coming up that will be given on Bentinck Island!