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Welcome to  the Junkuri Laka Website.

The name "Junkuri Laka" comes from the Lardil language and can be translated as "making it right".  The words relate to the process of spear making, where the stick was held over a fire and bend until it was perfectly straight to be used as a spear.  In the culture of the Wellesley Islands there also was a process called "Junkuri" by which people settled major and long running conflicts.  The Junkuri can be best described as a duel whereby two opponents fought, assisted by their family groups.  These fights were ritualised and controlled by Elders.  Whilst blood was shed and limbs were broken, fatalities rarely occurred.  The fighting stopped when elders decided that enough blood was drawn to right the wrong that people were fighting over. At the end of the Junkuri all reconciled, often followed by a feast.

Junkuri Laka is an organisation owned by the people of the Wellesley Islands. Our work is in the areas of law, justice and governance, where we are involved in many activities. Our work goes from standing up for our people in court to organising community service projects; from assisting native title corporations to mediating conflicts in the community; from talking with the government about alcohol regulations to publishing a newsletter.  All our work is aimed at making things right.  Whether that is between people, between our people and the government or between individuals and the criminal justice system, or even about making things better for our people by maaking our community stronger and more independent.

In this website we want to explain our work to anybody who is interested.  It is also a way of communicating with our members and with everybody who has a stake in the well-being and future of the Wellesley Islands.  We want this site to be a collection of information also, and a portal for our members and organisations that work on the Wellesley Islands.  We will even try to sell some art and artefacts that have been made by people of the Islands.

If you want to share any information with us, or if you have any questions about Junkuri Laka, about the Wellesley Islands or about anything we have to say on this website, please get in touch with us.

Junkuri Laka, 2 Lardil Street, Gununa Mornington Island, QLD 4871

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   +61 7 47457278

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