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In order to manage the association and to be responsible for the every day operation of its work, the members have a representative body, the Junkuri Laka Board.  The board is made up of a number of community elders who are elected every year at the annual general meeting of the association.  There is no fixed number of board members, and the board has the freedom to appoint additional members if that is necessary for some reason. The current Junkuri Laka Board members are:

  • Louisa Roughsey - President
  • Annie Chong - Treasurer
  • Cecil Goodman
  • Edgar Wilson
  • Marina Evans
  • Roger Kelly

As said. the board manages the daily affairs of the association on behalf of the members.  It does so through regular meetings (every month) which are chaired by the president.  The treasurer has the primary responsibility for the financial affairs of the association.  She produces a financial report every three months, which is discussed at the board meetings.

The board is assisted by a secretary, which is a job that is described in the rules of the association.  The secretary is also responsible for the management of the Junkuri Laka office and all administrative tasks for the organisation, as well as all other legal and compliance matters, and acts as the CEO for the Junkuri Laka organization.