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"Ordinary" membership in Junkuri Laka is open to all people of aboriginal origin who belong to or identify with the tribal groups of the Wellesley Islands and who have resided at least one year on the islands before applying for membership.  In special and exceptional circumstances, people from non-indigenous backgrounds, or people without the appropriate tribal backgrounds can become ordinary members of Junkuri Laka.  This is typically the case for people who have lived very long on the islands, are married to local people etc.

Besides the "ordinary" members, Junkuri Laka also has "Elder Members".  These are people that are recognised as cultural Elders on the Wellesley Islands.  In order to become an Elder, one has to have attained a senior age, mature wisdom, and respected position in the Wellesley Islands community.  There are also "Community Justice Group" members.  These are typically cultural Elders or people who as a result of their experience or background can play the required role in criminal justice matters.  They are a separate category, because they are not only selected and approved by the community, but also have to undergo a background check by the Minister of Justice.

Membership in Junkuri Laka gives access to legal and other assistance through a wide range of services offered by Junkuri Laka to its members.  Most of those services are described on this website.  All rules that have to do with Junkuri Laka membership can be found in the rules of the association.  That document is available on this website in the members section.