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he Junkuri Laka Wellesley Islands Aboriginal Law, Justice and Governance Association Inc. is an incorporated society under Queensland law registered under number IA19908.

Junkuri Laka was first registered in the Australian Business Register on 1 July 2000 under ABN 29 458 490 746.  The organisation has special tax status as a charitable organisation.  It is registered for GST and has an income tax exemption.

As an incorporated association Junkuri Laka is a legal entity representing our membership.  Our more than 400 members every year elect a board.  This board manges the operational affairs of the association, assisted by the secretary, who is employed by the association.

The activities that Junkuri Laka undertakes are brought together in "groups" and each such group has the same structure as Junkuri Laka itself, a group of people from the community, supported by a coordinator, who is responsible for the administration and management of the activities.  All the groups use the office and all the equipment and administration that is available for Junkuri Laka, so that the costs for all the groups are low and there is always help available.

The work and activities of all the Junkuri Laka groups is explained on this website.  Here is a picture that shows how everything fits together in the Junkuri Laka organisation.