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The Junkuri Laka Mornington Island ID Card

At times it is difficult for indigenous people to obtain official identification documents.  Not many aboriginal people from remote communities have passports, many do not have driver licences or 18+ cards.  Obtaining such documents can be challenging because they require source documents that many people do not have, such as birth certificates, which in turn require ID documents to obtain them.  At the same time however, there is an increasing need for people to identify themselves, for example for air travel off the Island or other purposes.

As a formal indigenous entity and as the Justice Group for Mornington Island, Junkuri Laka has often assisted by providing letters identifying individuals, which are generally accepted by transport operators and other organizations.  In order to further assist our community members Junkuri Laka has developed a Mornington Island ID Card, which is available to all Junkuri Laka members and their children.  This ID Card can be issued to all community members for who the Junkuri Laka Elders and the justice Group can provide conclusive evidence of their identity, typically because individuals and their families are well know to the community Elders.

The Junkuri Laka ID Card looks like this:

MI ID card example

The authenticity of the Junkuri Laka ID Card can be established as follows:

The card is produced with a "holo-kote" finish which is akin to a watermark that is applied in the production process.

When the card is inserted in a magnetic card reader, the information embedded in the card is consistent with what is printed on the card itself

The card has a photograph of the bearer

The card can be verified by contacting Junkuri Laka and quoting the member ID number on the card.

We will provide the caller with identity information reproduced on the card for verification purposes.

In due course we will automate this function through functionality on this website.